Title and tagline

3 colors

You can configure 3 colors in the theme using the _meta.md file of the content folder : the decoration color - color1 - (link hover, horizontal line, header,...), the body background color - color2 - and the main section background color -color3 -.

color1: rgb(57,0,64)
color3: rgb(194,192,148)
color2: rgb(169,165,135)

Use rgb format color or string color (blue, gree, lightgrey, ...), but no hex color code.

3 columns footer

You can have a 3 columns footer. If no column is define, then the footer is not shown. The footer has 3 columns (width : 20%, 60%, 20%). It is define in the _meta.md file in the content folder.

footerCenter: Fortunae mercatoribus ad Anthemusia in.
footerRight: Qui sunt debent ob non.
footerLeft: Graecia pro quaedam argutiis): nimis.